About me

My look

Well, I am Keenora or just Kee. A wolf from the Thundra in Siberia. I do have a very thick and long blue fur and my chest and belly is purple.

My turquoise stripes are very important. They are on my whole body, on the back and even in my face.

My eyes are turquoise as well and my nose is black. My claws are black too, but those are really deep hid in my fur and those are not pointy at all :)


I am happy and bouncy all the time, as you can see when I smile. If you are a bit younger, you don't have to be scared, because I am a really nice and cuddly wolfy, especially when you pet me :3

They call me very "squirrelly".

I am bouncy and do jump around a lot. I can get really hyper from time to time ;)


As mentioned already, I am a really kind wolf. The younger ones of you really don't have to be afraid. I can even lift you up if you want to.
But I can also be mad. A thing which I really don't like is getting pulled on my tail or getting hit or kicked. That hurts :(

But enough of me. Just take a look on some of my videos and you will see, I am super nice :3

Public media

Sometimes I am ending up in a newspaper or on the Television. I bet, because I am so fluffy!
I am always happy, when I am able to show everyone what I am doing. Especially when the people in the report are happy as well and when I am able to put a smile even on the reporter face. I always want to make their eyes shiney

It is very important to me, to create the right impression on the viewer and explain, what I am doing. That's the reason why I do like every single report!


I love to do extreme things. if it's  Bungee-Jumping, Paragliding, House-Running, Skydiving, Base-Flying or Aerobatics.

It's always fun to get the adrenaline and just to do something crazy. Normally I am doing a video of it, if there is some good material :)

If you've got an idea you can just send me a message to my E-Mail!

Cuddle me!